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Thermage - frequently asked questions
What is the Thermage procedure? 
The Thermage procedure employs a patented radiofrequency (RF) technology called ThermaCool™. It has been clinically proven to tighten and gently lift skin to smooth out wrinkles and renew facial contours. The incision-free procedure is fast and easy, and requires no downtime from normal activities. Unlike lasers, the procedure can be performed on patients of all skin types. The ThermaCool device has been cleared by the FDA for the non-invasive treatment of facial wrinkles and rhytids.
The Thermage procedure is the only non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that delivers tighter skin, renewed facial contours and healthier collagen. (Collagen is the building block that provides structure to your skin.) The Thermage procedure is available only in the offices of qualified physicians who are specially trained to perform Thermage and other cosmetic procedures.

How does it work?                                                                           
The ThermaCool system uses a sophisticated treatment tip called ThermaTip™, which delivers a controlled amount of RF energy. With each touch to the skin, the ThermaTip device uniformly heats a large volume of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin and its underlying tissue while simultaneously protecting the outer layer of the skin with cooling. This deep uniform heating action causes deep structures in your skin to immediately tighten. Over time, new and remodeled collagen is produced to further tighten skin, resulting in healthier, smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.

What does the Thermage procedure feel like?                      
With each touch of the ThermaTip device, you will experience a brief, deep heating sensation as the RF energy is delivered to your skin and underlying tissue. This deep heating sensation is your indication that your collagen is reaching effective temperatures for tightening. The physician controls the amount of energy delivered to balance procedural comfort with maximum results. The ThermaTip device is cooled before, during, and after heating to protect your skin and make the treatment more comfortable. Prior to treatment, an anesthetic cream may be applied to enhance your comfort. Additionally, your physician may also prescribe relaxants and/or pain medication.

How long does it take?                                                                  
The Thermage procedure can take anywhere from one to two and one-half hours, depending on the size of the treatment area. Additional time may be required for skin preparation prior to the procedure.

What will my skin feel like after the procedure?                     
Immediately following a Thermage procedure, your skin should feel tighter, smoother and more youthful. Over time, you will notice additional tightening.

How many treatments will I need?                                            
Unlike laser procedures requiring four or more sessions, a single Thermage treatment produces excellent results in the majority of patients. Your physician will determine the course of treatment that is right for you.

When will I see results?                                                           
Recently published studies conducted by Thermage show that measurable tightening improvements appear gradually over 2 to 6 months after a single treatment session. However, many patients have reported seeing a much earlier response.

How long will the effects of the Thermage procedure last? 
The Thermage procedure causes immediate tightening of the collagen structure, with additional tightening over time. Unpublished reports by experienced cosmetic physicians indicate that results may last two to three years or longer based on the patient's natural aging process and other skin care methods.

Is the Thermage procedure safe?                                                
The Thermage procedure has an excellent safety record. Over 70,000 worldwide patient treatments have been performed to date, and the reported incidence of side effects is less than 1%, which can include swelling, redness, bumps and blisters on or around the treated area. These side effects will usually disappear in a few days or weeks. A very rare (less than 0.2%) side effect described as a skin depression has also been reported. Consult with your physician regarding this and any other questions you may have on the safety record of the Thermage procedure.

How long before I can return to my normal activities?        
Most people return to their regular activities immediately following the Thermage procedure. Some people experience mild redness (like a sunburn), but it usually disappears quickly. No special care is needed after treatment unless otherwise instructed by your physician.